Sell Your Art Photography in Person or Online

For the artists who create beautiful, unique art photography, there are basically two ways that you can sell your work. One is to take your art photos to an art fair and set them up in a booth. Art fairs occur throughout most state during the summertime. Another way to display your art for sale is to post it on an online site that offers you a virtual display booth from home.

Before creating any type of display to sell your art photography, you will need to research the facilities and determine what your best options are. In addition, it will be beneficial to add other items to the display in order to get more attention from a larger number of people. The more time you take to prepare before displaying the art photos, the more likely your art photography business is to be successful. In order to help you prepare a more effective display for your work, here are some simple tips to get you started:

Choose a theme for your photo art business that will help get attention to your display. A theme not only creates more interest, it also provides you with a system for keeping your different photos organized.
Look online for websites that have art fairs posted. Different types of events have various fees for registering in addition to providing guidelines by which you must abide in order to create a display on their site or at their location.
Choose a photo that you think is your best work. Use this as your main display piece and post it on your booth.
Always start your plan by looking into the locations that offer displays for art photography so that you can choose a variety of venues. Local universities, art fairs and various other events may afford you some good opportunities.
Select appropriate colors to use for mounting your photos. Even if you prefer to use temporary mounts, this will add a layer of protection to your art work so that it won’t become damaged from being handled.
Take advantage of every opportunity to build your brand. Always take business cards along to your events and, if allowed, post your photo on the outside of your booth to let customers get familiar with your face and make the connection to your work.
These are some simple details that can play a big role in boosting your art photography business. Start your plans early and be ready to make the most of every opportunity.

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